The Future of Napa – EL FUTURO DE NAPA

Bernie Narvaez is running for Napa City Council to work hard for the future of our community. 

We all know Napa is at a turning point. The housing crisis is very real in our hometown. Lack of housing creates fewer workers which means a smaller workforce to support our long term local businesses. The housing crisis prevents many of our workers from living here. There are signs of this new reality everywhere we turn. We are all familiar about the ever-increasing traffic! Our small business community is struggling to hire workers and to stay open. We’ve seen some of our favorite places close in 2019. Long time businesses like Vallergas, Red Hen, Compadres, and now Family Drug are closing because of the ripple effect of our housing shortage. These small businesses are the fabric of Napa. We must recognize their contribution and support efforts to make Napa an affordable place to live.

I am asking for your support – as an Iraq War Veteran Marine, Former Napa Parks and Rec Commissioner, Napa County Veterans Commissioner and Vice Chair of Napa 2040 I pledge to work hard every day for the Future of Napa.

Please visit to Get Involved. Each of us can make a difference with an endorsement, a contribution and most importantly, your vote for Bernie Narvaez in November 2020.