Bernardo “Bernie” Narvaez


Thank you to the residents of District 4 for your support in the 2020 Napa City Council election. I am honored to have earned your vote and look forward to working for our community together. 

Many of you know my story: 

As immigrants from Mexico – hard work was the norm. I proudly helped my family of six when we lived in a one-bedroom shack by picking & selling fruit – I grew up understanding the value of hard work.

My purpose became very clear after the 9/11 attacks on our country. After enlisting as an-18-year-old Marine, I spent six years fighting for the freedoms we are privileged to enjoy today. To me, freedom means you are free to pursue your happiness. 

In 2007, our family incorporated Narvaez Insurance Services. With over 4000 clients, we are a brand that has earned the trust and loyalty of many families and business owners.

Today, as an Iraq War Veteran, it is an honor to continue my service to Napa.

Community Service is the lifeblood of a strong city, and I know of few communities as rich in volunteers as Napa. 

My wife Gaby and I decided to stay in Napa, our home. We resisted the temptation of a larger home in one of our surrounding cities to remain in the community where Gaby grew up and where we will raise our two daughters. 

Living in Napa has been my goal in life. To be living here in this beautiful, diverse valley, to be a loving husband, and to raise my family in this beautiful City –this has been my dream. 

I look forward to the next four years on the Napa City Council. 

Bernie Narvaez



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